In the lakes, the fish have a relatively long time to look at your fly before they decide if it is something worth eating. So, fishing in lakes can be very difficult. You have to use active strategies to entice the fish to bite.

Stealth is important on lakes. The environment in the lakes does not change much over the time. Since the fish is there every day, it knows what should and should not be there. The fish will perceive the unfamiliar movement of an angler plodding into the water or talking to a buddy as a threat, and it will turn tail and flee. So you want to move slowly and quietly and try to land the flies with minimum splash.

Fly movement is also important. You need to select a fly that mimics a food item that attracts the fish you are seeking. To make the fly seem to be actively swimming, you need to strip or pull the fly line in rapid small pulses. In such way, the fly will look like it is trying to dart out of harm’s way, and the fish will follow in pursuit.

In lakes, most fish like to be near structure. The structure is anything that is different along a relatively uniform lake, bay or pond bottom. They give fish a place to hide from predators or a place to launch an attack on some unsuspecting prey. A sunken tree, log jam, rock pile or old trees can be effective in attracting fish.

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