Sail past otters frolicking in the water, swallowtail butterflies flying through the air and herons and kingfishers pecking around in the water for a tasty titbit.

Thousands of people visit the Broads every year to enjoy the beauty of the location and the relaxed pace that UK boat holidays are renowned for. There’s also plenty to see and do around these parts, so if you enjoy being busy you won’t be short of activities.

You can expect to pass market towns, conservation areas and nature reserves as you traverse the rivers and waterways of the Broads, and it’s entirely up to you when you climb ashore for some in-depth exploring.

Fans of boating and maritime activities are sure to be in their element during Norfolk Broads boating holidays, as there are numerous water-related attractions to be found here. You might like to head to Oulton Broad, where you can spend some time looking at the exhibits in the Lowestoft Maritime Museum.

Take in all kinds of ship models and marine art before you head back to your boat for the next excursion. Another point of interest might be the Museum of the Broads in Stalham. Here, you can gain an insight into Broads living, past and present, and find out more about the boats that have travelled through the area over the years.

Listen to the Stories of the Broads on audio handsets, let the youngsters have some fun in the playboat and round off your trip with a picnic outside.

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